Nike & Olivier Rousteing Collaboration

As gold and craftsmanship toke over the leisurewear division, Balmain’s creative director leant his extensive knowledge of couture to the world of sportswear in a collection dedicated to his love for football. After his breaking through success with the H&M collaboration, expectations are running high, and people are at the edge of their seats until the collection hits stores on Thursday. However, this time Rousteing has taken it upon himself to emblazon his name with the collaboration and not the Balmain fashion label.


Sticking to his strong style and identity, Rousteing has found the way to mix and create a collection that symbolizes both Nike and himself. From jackets to shorts, promising pieces are delivered and stand out to make a heavy impression. Rousteing explains: “Fashion is usually about the catwalk and the glamour, but with Nike it was about performance and the athletes. What I love about this collection is that we are integrating the iconic style of football into sport style.”


The N98 Jacket

The N98 Jacket
The N98 Jacket

The N98 jacket was one that struck our attention the most, transformed to reinvent the common football jacket. Both the men’s and women’s versions are lined with golden zippers and framing, the badge with its golden elements gives it the feel of sport and luxury at the same time. However, the women’s being versatile can be worn as a jacket or dress.


Nikelab Free Hypervenom 2 X OR

Nikelab Free Hypervenom 2 X OR

One of Nike’s recent iconic best sellers has been reinterpreted for the streets. Gold embellishments and high gloss films on the sides give the shoes a luxurious finish. The flexible Nike outsole is still present to keep that feel of natural motion. Sport, luxury and comfort have been integrated to offer design and performance to the customers.


Oliver Rousteing Nike Collaboration

It’s clear to see that Olivier’s collaboration Nike will be just as successful as the one done with H&M. He has taken the right steps in merging both his high-end fashion style with the world of casual, sportswear. The collection will be present online on the 2nd of June, and in selected NikeLab stores around the world. Be sure to check out the full collection on the Nike website.

Written By Karim Kurdi


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