Ibiza: Holiday and Star System

Summer is on its way, and every year articles in fashion magazines are published about parties, celebrities and trendsetters. Designers, actors, football players and many others all meet in the extravagant city of Ibiza. So if you’re looking to come across iconic people you love, head over to the restaurant, beach or club.


The star system or celebrities often go to Ibiza not as a holiday destination, but rather as a meeting point to go and discuss new projects and potential partnerships. We can think of it as a fun business trip.

celebrities-Ibiza © baritalianews.it
celebrities-Ibiza © baritalianews.it


For some years, the summer place for celebrities to meet was Portocervo in Sardinia, Italy. However, after the Vallettopoli and other Italian scandals that were interlinked to politics, people shifted to the Balearic Island: Formentera and Ibiza.

GiorgioArmani-Formentera © s.yimg.com
Giorgio Armani-Formentera © s.yimg.com

Being the favorite European summer getaway for celebrities and many others, Ibiza offers outstanding clubs such as Pacha, Ushuaia, Space, Privilege and many more. Formentera also is unique for it’s beautiful blue ocean.

Rihanna-Formentera © s-media
Rita Ora-Formentera © s-media

So if you’re wondering where to head over to during your summer holidays looking for crazy wild nights, and endless meeting opportunities, Ibiza should be on top of your list. Just be sure to pack your essentials and carry enough cash to enjoy the extravagant nights.

Written by Michele Borrelli

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