How To Be Stylish On A Budget

Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you love shopping but don’t have the budget that goes with it? Then this article is for you. Keep on reading to find the best tips to always be stylish no matter what!

Shop your wardrobe

The first thing you can actually do is look for other ways to wear the clothes you already own. There are many different ways to wear a basic shirt, you can wear a dress as a top. The only limit is your imagination!
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Go to outlets

Many stores have outlets. Online you can find really good deals on ASOS, and the shipping is free! Try to shop for basic and then customize them according to the actual trend. This leads me to my next point which is…

Be crafty

You probably have clothes you don’t want to wear anymore, but instead of giving them to your little sister or the charity, try to be creative and give them a second life. For instance, cropped denim is really trendy this season, so take your pair of scissors and crop them yourself. Patchy tees and jackets are also everywhere, just buy a few nice patches and iron them to a basic t-shirt, and voilà! You just saved 30 euros. Many DIY can be found on Pinterest.
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Paris is full of vintage and second hand shops, and even though some of them are quite expensive, you can find good deals at Guerrisol. Shirts are 2 euros and pants 5. You just need to search to find good garments, and if you’re lucky you can even find designer clothes or accessories.

Go for pre-owned

In France you have different websites where you can buy pre-owned clothes, mostly designer brands. But you can get them at a very good price and you can even try to haggle with the seller. The two best are and

Hunt for the sales

And for the clothes you really want but find them too pricey for your budget, just take a picture of the garment and the reference to find it during the sales. On many websites like ASOS and you can actually save your wishlist for later and then compare the prices during the sales.
By Amina Sutter

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