David Guetta Eiffel Tower Concert


Euro 2016 © repubblica.it
Euro 2016 © repubblica.it

After many months of waiting the EURO 2016 finally kicked off with  David Guetta opening the game. The atmosphere of the concert at Champs de Mars was fantastic, under the Eiffel tower, which was lit up with the colours of the French flag. The tickets could be obtained for free online, but fans without tickets weren’t left out. They enjoyed the event from Trocadero which has a direct view of the Eiffel tower.

The opening ceremony went off without a hitch. Beautifully dressed dancers took to the centre stage and performed on the pitch, which was temporarily transformed into a French garden. David Guetta was joined in his DJ booth by Swedish singer Zara Larsson, as the curtain was raised for the month-long football fest. However, David played mainly old tracks from his past albums which didn’t exactly flow with the atmosphere of the event, nevertheless, the excitement of the audience wasn’t doused.


Trocadero © repubblica.it

 Trocadero © repubblica.it


This was an emotional moment for France, as it’s the first major event after the terrorist attacks in November 2015, where over 100 people lost their lives. Also, the Euro competition is one of the most famous sports events in the world after the World cup. For this reason, as all eyes are on France,  the security  is tight and efficient as expected.


French police © rasset.ie
French police © rasset.ie


It is evident that the city is bent on moving on, and people are reacting to the change pretty well. There was a carefree and party-like atmosphere, with people walking around without fear, and enjoying themselves to the fullest.


Euro 2016 © repubblica.it
Euro 2016 © repubblica.it


The ceremony ended pretty well, making it the perfect event to lift people’s spirits up. This fest might actually be the best opportunity for the French to move on.  Allowing things return back to the way they were before the terrorist attacks.

Written by Michele Borrelli

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