How To Dress To Attend The UEFA Euro 2016

The European football cup started last Friday, and everyone in Paris is quite excited about it. It’s true that the Euro football cup is a highly anticipated event.

Whether you’re a big football fanatic or you just pretend to watch it because you like cheering with the crowd, follow these tips to always look stylish during any sport event.

If You’re Watching The Game With Friends At Home

Casual evenings call for a laid-back outfit. A pair of ripped jeans will work perfectly. For the top go for a printed t-shirt or a loose sweater, tucked in the front. Just remember that game nights usually involve some snacking, so try not to wear something you could easily stain.

Sans titre-12
Pictures via Pinterest

If You’re Chilling at Your Favourite Bar

Dress up a bit in a sport luxe way to match the event. In addition to being very comfortable, the athleisure look is also really trendy right now, so it’s a win-win.

Sans titre-1
Pictures via Pinterest

If You’re Attending The Game  At The Stadium

Then you should probably wear the soccer jersey of the team you support; Wear it with a nice feminine skirt to balance out the sporty look, and accessorize with some pieces of jewelry.

Sans titre-13
Pictures via Pinterest

We hope you found these style tips useful, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.

Written by Amina Sutter

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