A Hundred Years In A Nutshell

It all started with BuzzFeed. From the very first video posted about how styles could change from decade to decade. Thanks to the waves of mimicking, this creativity soon went viral. Since it was online, the trend quickly became a whole lot of everything compiled into roughly 5 minutes, men’s grooming, cars, houses, even toys! To sum it up into a checklist, we decided to screen down these 7 worth-to-watch fashion history videos.

  1. Gals vs. Guys – Mode

Go on YouTube, type “100 years of Fashion” in the search box, and prepare  to drown yourself in an interesting trip down memory lane in fashion. Where to begin? Well, Mode is one of the first channels, apart from BuzzFeed, to start this boom, so why not take a look at their first videos. In this exciting video, the styles are quite accurate with each era, and the models interact comfortably with the clothes. The evolution of fashion for both genders couldn’t be more clear.

  1. Pop Stars – VanityFair

If there’s a standard for beauty in every period of time, then the most prominent examples  are the Pop Stars of that era. Tracing back to the past may be hard, but Vanity Fair makes it become a fun experience, to show that throughout the century, the definition of a pop star changes dramatically. From the timid, Edwardian dress of Nora Bayes of 1910’s to the 70’s sexy, glamourous Diana Ross and ending with Rihanna in her rebellious, gender-blended style in 2010s, pop star icons are now crossing all boundaries and becoming more than just their voice.

  1. Women’s Underwear – Glamour

How confident should a woman feel in her favorite lingerie? That depends, on the degree of pleasantness put on the said subtle piece every morning and how much of a body figure it would enhance. Thankfully, this video made by Glamour has helped us a lot in understanding how lucky we are to be in a period where push-up bras and panties are just the things needed for underwear. In case you wonder whether men have to suffer the same as us women, Mode also made a similar video.

  1. Festive Fashion – Stylight

Of course there was a dress code for parties, and in fact it was dictated quite a lot by the trends of that era. Some did come to our present, some we wish would stay in the past. Those good old times with 1920s flappers, well tailored, military style in 1946 just after World War II. The rave-kid with the weird hair and super short leotard of the 90s, yes, we are looking at the very core of fashion trends of each decade.

  1. Manicure – Allure

You know those little pieces of keratin at the tip of your fingers, well, they need to be fashionable too. This video reveals a lot of fun facts regarding the manicure industry and its growth, the source of such trends, the innovations on materials, not to mention the distinctive styles of famous people and real life women. In addition to that, Allure has done a good job creating a vibe to each period, making the nails look more lively and appealing to the audience’s eyes.

  1. Fitness – BenendenUK

Everyone wants to stay in shape, but is there a fashion to go along with such demand? The answer is yes, but it is not until half a century ago that a full set of clothes for gym could be assembled. Back in those really really old days, people wore high heels, long skirts and swimsuits for sport activities. In short, the evolution of sportswear could be summarized in a few words: shorter, tighter and more functional.

But let’s not forget the very colorful, whole-body spandex era of the 80s and 90s.

  1. Japan’s beauty – WatchCut

The reason we put this video on this list is because it shows how far style can travel and what’s left of its impact with such distance. At first, Japan was drastically changed in just a decade, from the heavily oriental geisha look to the westernized flapper style. As time passed by, the Japanese evolved into their own fashion and go as far as expanding it throughout Asia. In a country where modern contents and traditional values exist at the same time, the Japanese have surely identified themselves as very unique trend setters.

Despite having appeared a year ago, the ‘100 years of…’ trend shows keep mushrooming on social media, especially on YouTube. These video clips, although short and sometimes quite subjective, are good ways to explore the past and see how much we have progressed up until today. Look it up on YouTube and tell us what you think about the videos!

Written by Trang Nguyen

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