IFA Fashion Show

Monday night, we had the chance to attend the IFA Fashion show, where 17 Bachelor students were showing their designs. The show took place at Maison des Metallos in the Parisian 11th district, whose vast clean space was the perfect area for the students to proudly showcase their pieces.

Being a student at IFA myself, I found it more than interesting to see the talent some of my fellows have. With each collection having a strong and distinctive theme, they were not only pleasing our eyes but also our minds and inspiration. All Bachelor students have put a lot of effort into their creations, making sure the music, the models and the last details were on point to deliver the best show. And they were very successful.

Designer: Anne Laure Fleurance ©Ali Turab
Designer: Anne Laure Fleurance ©Ali Turab
Designer: Plinn Pratoommas ©Ali Turab
Designer: Plinn Pratoommas ©Ali Turab
Designer: Mei po Ng ©Ali Turab
Designer: Mei po Ng ©Ali Turab
Stunning models ©Ali Turab
Stunning models ©Ali Turab

Three students had really strong collections. Alain Akim Ekial presented an androgynous theme with the most colourful pieces. The music was coordinated perfectly well with his collection and it was very nice to have a pop of colour in this bright room. Equally vibrant was the disco-oriented theme by Plinn Pratoommas; his designs were personal, bold and really cool with his own pictures printed on the garments. Finally, Angel Tran Vu delivered a striking collection all based on fur! His personality was definitely portrayed through the well-constructed garments, and actually made me want to treat myself to the  beautiful white fur coat with a blue, orange and yellow belt.

Here is a list of all the 17 students whose collections we had the chance to admire:

Andrea Obradovic

Christine De Rouen

Oluwafeyijimi Modupeola Otaru – Akpoti

Alain Akim Ekial

Octaria Yostoman

Dyah Kusumaningrati

Sarah Erazo

Lindsay Custodio

Angel Tran Vu

Mary Olawabi

Shiyi Lou

Anne Laure Fleurance

Plinn Pratoommas

Nathinee Somvadee

Avgousta Theodoulou

Mei po Ng

Chandani Pradhanang


Well done to all of these students, you have delivered an amazing show!


Written by Emilie Heyl

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