Perfumed graffiti: A different way to stylise your clothes

Fashion, drinks and sunshine served as the backdrop for an unusual live performance, where attendees wearing white shirts became living canvases for graffiti art having a particular nice smell. Perfumer Philippe di Méo and Paris-based American artist Toxic collaborated in this fun splattering show, held during the cocktail party at Tranoï Men & Parfums in Paris.

© 2016. David Requena

Under the motto “perfume is a per manent memory”, Dio Meo concocted “Indélébile”, a fragrance mixed with a special ink that allowed the artists to imprint fabrics with a visual and olfactory memory. All those who volunteered to participate in the entertaining experience were also entitled to the one-of-a-kind pieces created in site. © 2016

© 2016. David Requena
© 2016. David Requena.

Once again, Di Meo explores the possibilities of perfume beyond the usual with an avant-garde concept, which showcases the creative process behind the formulation of a new fragrance. His aim was to crystallize the trace that a particular smell can have on our minds, and how subsequent memories can bring us back and forth to specific scenarios. Through his collaboration with a renowned figure from the 80’s graffiti scene, the perfumer delivered a dynamic presentation that will surely leave its mark on the guests.

© 2016. David Requena
© 2016. David Requena


By David Requena


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