Bloggers With The Best Summer Style

While it’s still a little chilly in Paris, that is not stopping anyone from flaunting their summer wardrobe when the sun is shining bright on us. Here are some bloggers that we think have the best summer style and are definitely making us drool over their wardrobes!

From how to rock an all black outfit to a day at the beach and from bold prints to casual Sundays, her style is minimalistic yet bold!

Feeling fun and flirty this season? Julia is the bible you need to follow! Her summer wardrobe is full of colour and bold prints.

For all those who love to travel in style, Aimee is your style guru for this season. We are in love with her travel stories and of course her effortless style!

While most of us associate summer to vivid colors and bold prints, there are a few who like their wardrobe be subtle, just like Jennifer. Her wardrobe is all about basic clothing with hints of prints or colors giving her this effortless look.


By Pallavi Maini

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