Jeanne Lanvin Alluring private Apartment: a Parisian secret to be discovered

Paris, the beloved city with a rich and legendary history, hides jewels in its majestic museums.

One of them is Musée des Arts Décoratifs, where you can find amazing pieces of design that will be the dream for those with a particular interest in furniture and industrial design.

On this occasion, we are going to take you to a treasure hidden in the walls of this emblematic museum: the private apartment of the famous fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin. The impressive apartment is arranged exactly the same way it looked back in the 1920s in her mansion located in the 7th district. The entire content of the room was donated to the museum in 1965 by the cousin of Lanvin’s daughter, Louis de Polignac.

The exquisite apartment was the result of a collaboration between Jeanne Lavin and Armand-Albert Rateau, a well known art deco furniture designer; the whole mansion was  completed in 1925.

©photo Les Arts Décoratifs/Jean Tholance copyright ADAGP, Paris, 2006

The private apartment features a faux marble bathroom where Egyptian motifs are obvious thanks to Rateau’s obsession with this ancient culture. As a well cultivated man, he had interests in other cultures and became well-known for taking elements from the past to create something completely new.

One of the most important elements that will make your eyes sparkle is the beautiful draping on the walls of the boudoir, tinted in the signature blue of the French maison. Detailed white embroidery is also an important element that gives this apartment a hint of a doll house with the perfectly arranged furniture and the tidiness of lavish rooms. Elements like daisies are present everywhere, since Jeanne Lanvin had a devoted love for her daughter whose name was Marguerite (which means daisy in French). We can understand  how important her daughter was for the designer from what  the logo of the French house.

Lanvin Logo

©photo Les Arts Décoratifs/Jean Tholance copyright ADAGP, Paris, 2006

The apartment has a strong combination of elements from Egypt motives, to paneling inspired by Louis XVI period, gold details here and there, it is just breathtaking.

©photo Les Arts Décoratifs/Jean Tholance copyright ADAGP, Paris, 2006
©photo Les Arts Décoratifs/Jean Tholance copyright ADAGP, Paris, 2006

To look at what once was the private room of one of the most important designers of our era is a privilege. If you are in Paris don’t forget to visit this unmissable museum, that will transport you through time and astonish you by the creations of  emblematic designers. What you will see at Les Arts Décoratifs can’t be found anywhere else.

Stay tuned for more articles about interesting places to visit in the French capital.

Written by Marilyn Ríos

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