Angela Baby: The Chinese Kim Kardashian

Yang Ying better know with the nickname of “Angela Baby”, is a Chinese actress, model and singer. In China she is really influential thanks to the social network, in fact for these reasons she is considered as the Chinese Kim Kardashian.


She lives between Shanghai and Hong Kong, but her style is a mix of Chinese and European cultures.

Really frequently posts on the social networks, pictures about her personal life but also round collaborations, fashion show and several events. Indeed lately she is becoming popular also outside the China and even important brands and fashion designers such as: Michael Kors and Christian Dior realized to her.

AngelaBaby_ChristianDior ©
AngelaBaby_ChristianDior ©


In China she is already a fashion icon, followed and imitated by a lot of people. Everything about her creates curiosity and stimulates news. Only one year ago, her wedding has been followed by millions of people in China and in all Asia. Her marriage with the actor Huang Xiaoming cost 27 million euros (the double of the Florentine wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West). With almost two thousand guests, it has been considered one of the most important events of recent years in China.

 AngelaBaby's Wedding ©
AngelaBaby’s Wedding ©

To conclude guys she is one of the most influential fashion icons in China and with the importance of the Chinese market in the fashion system, she could soon become really popular in Europe, too.

Instagram 76,6m followers
Facebook 419.062 likes
Twitter 29.2K followers


By Michele Borrelli



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