3 best self-tanning products for you to try

In Paris spring isn’t the real thing. Summer is. Even though global warming has stolen some of our most beautiful seasons, we still dream about summer days to come.
We want to listen to that famous Lana del Rey song while watching beautiful women walk down the streets, with beautiful light dresses, delicate sandals paired with the best accessory of all; a goddess bronze skin. We all want that shimmery gold skin, but sometimes when we go to the beach and try the old fashioned way of getting a perfect tan it usually turns out different from what we expected. We have all spent a little too much on tons of tanning products, and it becomes frustrating when they still don’t work. For this reason self-tanning – and it’s accompanying rituals – is an effective routine to carry out in the privacy of your home.
Today we will mention three self-tanning products for you to try. These products have been proven to be efficient, delivering exactly what they promise –  a beautiful sun kissed color.

  1. Many beauty publications have talked about the brand St. Tropez and they  have a good reason: their self-tanning lotion is simply amazing. It’s a mousse that you can apply easily with an applicator mitt and leave for 5 minutes to get dry. It lasts for about 8 hours and works like magic.  What we love about this product is that it contains natural tanning agents, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

©ST Tropez

© Saint Tropez

2. Another product that we just love is Loving Tan. As its name suggests, this mousse is all about pampering your skin, and is the perfect boost of colour for your skin. The beautifully packaged product is easy to use,  and gives a great tan in just one night of using it. You can also increase the intensity of the colour on your skin if you re-apply it.


Courtesy of @nazyfarnoosh
3. Finally, Clarins self-tanning instant gel. We are all familiar with the high quality of this French brand, so obviously the colour it gives to your skin is  perfect. However, be careful with your hands while applying it. Since it’s a gel, if you don’t pay attention, you might get some weird stains on your hands. That’s why a mitt and a full body mirror are a must when self tanning.

© Clarins Paris

Stay tuned for more beauty tips!

By Marilyn Rios



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