Staying in shape and trying to eat healthy is certainly not an easy task when you live in a city full of devilish desserts everywhere. Paris is the city for those with an exigent palate without a doubt. But After living here for some months and gaining some kilos we decided that we need to find healthy options. This time we have found Açai bowls which basically is a berry from Brazil loaded with antioxidants and lots of good vitamins for your body that will help to detox yourself from all that sugar in pastries.

The best spots to find them are the following great restaurants in Paris, that offer great and healthy options for those who want to keep a good lifestyle.

Wild and the Moon

This cool place offers a great variety of healthy options for those who are looking to get delicious plates without the guilt of eating loads of sugar. Try the açai bowl which is out of this world.

Address 55 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

Hours:  8AM–7PM

Phone: 01 86 95 40 46

This restaurant is located in Le Marais which is one of the most hip districts in Paris. You will find a delicious bowl of açai worthy of a picture for your Instragram account. If you are visiting Paris, this place without a doubt is a must visit.
Address 1 Rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris
Hours:Open today · 8:30AM–11PM
They have great dishes that are completely homemade and fresh bio fruits and veggies. You should definitely order the Açai bowl which is one of the specialties of this cool restaurant.
© Pinterest
© Pinterest


Adresse: 2, rue de la Michodière

Hours: 8h30 to 19h00

Written by Marilyn Rios

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