Things You Didn’t Know About Gucci

  1. Influence: Inspired by his obsession with horse racing, Guccio Gucci’s hardware pieces were originally designed to look like horse riding accessories.
    Getty / Edward Berthelot
    Getty / Edward Berthelot


  2. Red and Green Canvas: Cotton canvas replaced leather during the WWII, and then the signature Gucci red and green band was born.
  3. Gucci goes to America: Their first store opened in New York in 1953, the same year that Gucci passed away, leaving his company to his four sons.

  4. Genius Jeans: Gucci made the Guinness World Records Book in 1998, after manufacturing the most expensive pair of jeans at the time. It sold for an astounding $3,134 in Milan, Italy.
     Rihanna for Gucci
    Rihanna for Gucci


  5. UNICEF Partnership: In 2005 Gucci partnered with UNICEF. Since then, they donate a certain percentage of their sales to the UNICEF fund.
  6. Gucci Museum: Want to check out 90 years of Gucci luggage fashion? Go to their museum, located in Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, Italy.


By Hailey Edy





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