6 Unisex Accessories to Get Now

With several fashion campaigns featuring gender fluid individuals, it’s hard to deny that gender boundaries are becoming less strict than ever. This is popular not only in clothing, but also in fashion accessories. Let us share with you some of the hottest accessories that will appeal to everyone regardless of gender:


1) Furballs

Furry creatures are taking over the streets. They come in various shapes and sizes, making heads turn everywhere they swing their hair. These curious add-ons are a smart way to enhance your handbag, backpack, wallet, and other accessories, by taking them out of the ordinary. You can get yours in any color of your choice.

Furball Fendi
Fendi. Fur Monster.

2) Round Shiny Frame Sunglasses

Inspired by the 70’s hippie wave (think John Lennon), this new adaptation of rounded sunglasses features a shiny metal frame that offers sturdiness while adding a tougher attitude to your look. Try coloured shades instead of black if you wish to go for an ‘over the edge’ look.

Prada Sunglasses
Prada. Sunglasses.


3) Outdoor Slippers

This shoe combines the comfort of low footwear, with the coziness of home. You will find them sporting a low heel, tassels, no back cover, and some fur. The choice is yours. Pick a pair that makes you look and feel like you just walked out of your bed ready to seize the day!

Gucci Blooms Slipper.jpg
Gucci. Blooms Slipper.

4) Scent Intense by Costume National

This woody amber scent poses a unique interpretation of mystery. You will be surrounded by an aura of strong appeal, thanks to the hibiscus and jasmine notes. A floral charm finishes off the juice that would otherwise have been overpowering, and its heavy sillage will make you stand out in the crowd.

Costume National - Scent Intense
Costume National. Scent Intense.

5) Baseball Caps

This trend has been growing since last year and there’s no doubt why. With its casual and laid-back flair, baseball inspired caps are the perfect complement to today’s lifestyle. A lifestyle where sportswear is incorporated into our attires as a way of dressing down formal looks.

NY Yankees
NY Yankees. Cap.

6) Not sure what to wear around your neck in a whimsy weather? Try an extra-large bandana tied in any way you prefer, either to  look cool, stern or delicate. Don’t forget to use softer fabrics for a smoother touch and bold prints to make a statement.

Sophie Hulme. Silk Scarf.


By David Requena

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