Eco-friendly Clothing Brands You Need To Know

With over 13 million tons of textiles  being thrown away on a yearly basis, it’s time to think reduce, reuse, recycle. Here’s a list of  brands that are thinking about the future of fashion.

1. Raw For The Ocean, the world’s first denim, created from recycled ocean plastic. American singer and songwriter Pharrell Williams in collaboration with the Dutch clothing company G-Star Raw aim to reduce plastic pollution by recycling ocean waste. By turning plastic into fibers, this dynamic team have generated a bionic yarn, which replaces up to 30% of the original textile. Combining science with fashion, this innovative brand is reducing and reusing ocean waste.

2. Giving second hand jeans a new purpose, Blue Jeans Go Green is a programme that can reuse your old denims. Post-consumer garments are collected or donated in order to be recycled into sheets of denim. The fiber created through this process is called Denimite™. It is durable, lightweight and zero toxins or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process. Denimite™ and the Blue Jeans Go Green project offer you an alternative to throwing your old jeans in the bin.

3. With all clothing made from 100% recycled yarns, Pure Waste garments are made entirely from discarded waste. This Finnish based brand uses neither chemicals nor fresh water throughout the manufacturing process. Claiming to have saved over 200 million litres of water, Pure Waste is aiming high and hopes to double this number before the end of 2016.

Fade Out Denim Collection 2016
Fade Out Denim Collection 2016

4. Unisex brand Fade Out uses vintage and second hand materials to form pieces for their own collections. By deconstructing and repurposing material, they create unique, sustainable denim designs. Reclaimed materials are repurposed in Berlin by a youthful team, all new designs are bespoke, handcrafted, one off garments.

Be wise! And think before you toss out your old jeans or buy a new t-shirt! And if you know any other cool ecofriendly brands don’t hesitate to tell us.

By Hailey Edy

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