The Top 5 Beauty Products For Your Fashion Week Handbag

Fashion week has just hit the famous runways and streets around the world and I am sure you all are asking yourselves, how everyone can look so good all the time, especially with the amount of long hours and travel involved. I sure was.

During fashion week, whether you are an intern, a blogger, a model, a stylist or a celebrity, time is not something that comes easily. Personally, I was finding it hard to find time to eat, let alone create a masterpiece on my face. I decided to speak to Maisy Mcclelland a trained makeup artist based in Sydney Australia to see if she had any advice for getting that stunning day-long makeup look with little difficulty. She believes that the below five products should be featured in every female’s handbag. After speaking with Maisy, I went out and purchased all the products to try for myself so I can honestly say this list should be every woman’s beauty bible.


Charlotte Tilbury Gold Bar Highlighter

The best way to describe this is a stick of powdered magical gold. It is the definition of glamour; with one quick sweep of this sparkling wonder, your dull face will become luminous. Use this product on the 5 main areas of your face to allow for those dreamt about cheekbones and radiant skin. This product also helps to hide those pesky sweaty shiny moments. Let’s just say your sweat will sparkle and glow instead of drip and run. Everyone deserves a little gold in their life. This product sells out incredibly fast so get in quick, you can purchase from Charlotte Tilbury directly.


Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour  

No more stress about awkwardly having to reapply your lipstick at an inappropriate time, Mac now offers a variety of colours that last for 8 hours. I found this product amazing, it was super easy to apply with the wand brush head and it gave me an entire day of colour with just one application. Maisy advises you to go for a lipstick with a peach tone as it always brightens your face. Her favourite is  Mademoiselle from Mac.




Bobbi Brown Light Brow Kit

Eyebrows at the moment are somewhat of a trend, just like mom jeans and Stan Smith sneakers; your eyebrows must also be on point. This kit was rated one of the best in the world, as it offers everything you need for that perfect brow in one simple box. When you are out and about, there are tweezers to get rid of any stray hairs that appear, two shades of powder, one for filling and one for defining but also the two-sided mirror with a magnifying option for those who want to ensure all details are perfect or, like I, have poor eyesight. This product is available for purchase at many retailers including Sephora USA.



Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector/Highlighter Pen

God’s gift to earth, this is a magic tool! It can hide any imperfection, whether it is a nasty zit that appeared the night before or maybe just those bags under your eyes. If you can’t manage to get all of the above products this is an absolute must and is relatively cheap at Sephora USA . Concealer has the power to hide all multiples of sins.



Givenchy Noir Couture Mascara

This mascara not only benefits your lashes on the day and makes your eyes look open and wide, rather than half asleep but also continues working long after the initial application. They have added a growth serum to this product, which revitalises, strengthens and grows your lashes. I have been using this mascara for a week and have already noticed a change in my lashes. Another easy purchase from Sephora France.




Take it from someone who is always searching for the perfect makeup products, for a girl on the go, these are truly gifts sent down from heaven. Hopefully, with these products your next fashion week or even just busy day will be made a little easier, I know mine was.

By Isabelle Schoo

Images via Sephora, MAC and Charlotte Tilbury

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