Dating is a matter of Fashion

Jonathan Daniel Pyrce for Vouge UK

You always ended up choosing fashion before guys. So many boys out there and you are still single, right?. Have you ever thought that maybe you are too picky or maybe your standards are too high? I cannot imagine the boyfriends of Anna Wintour looking like hipsters or wearing rip jeans. For fashionistas finding love seems to be harder: think about adding to your prince charming good taste and style. Are we asking too much?

First dates can be more of a challenge if you keep asking yourself if his shoes are fake or if he uses the wrong size in jeans which are the reasons he keeps talking about non-interesting things. Well nobody said that finding the ”one” is an easy game. But it’s possible to match love and style. We have shining examples of it like Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl or Victoria and David Beckham, couples that match their own style and look together incredibly. You do not want to end up looking like Britney and Justin 15 years ago, don’t you?

If you have fashion sense on your checklist of love you may have to sacrifice other things like having a funny or easy going boyfriend… Well, not necessarily. If you love or work in fashion you need to be cohesive, you don’t want to be seen with a guy wearing crocs at a Sunday brunch or dating someone that has absolutely no idea of the fashion industry.

A girl that has it all sounds a little bit boring. And that’s why you need to use your editor skills to try to please and conquer. You cannot ask for the type of guy that enjoys reading with you WWD or discussing pleated skirts. But having standards is not a sin. Sacrificing abs for style could be an option. Just think about it.

By Paula R Sierra

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