Artist Talk: Clemence Vazard

Clemence Vazard is a France-based collage artist whose works I’ve noticed months ago, I was introduced to her by AINE, a ready to wear brand based in Jakarta. Clemence agreed to meet me at this very interesting conceptual boutique & gallery, Klin d’oeil (Soon on the blog!). She shared the stories on how she started, what keeps her going, and what is her viewpoint on the art industry.

FO:  How did you become a collage artist and what are the reasons?

CV:  I grew up in a small city, where I was only surrounded by books and magazines. I got bored, so I decided to make things with the easy-to-get resources and I just sat in my room for hours flipping through the pages and chose the strongest images that I saw.

FO:  Have you always wanted to become a collage artist?

CV:  At first, it was only to kill my boredom, to occupy myself. I had no idea that I’d become a collage artist. Well, my mom said I might become an artist someday, but I just laughed. I did stop for 4 years because of the university, until one day I had the urge to express something going on, but I couldn’t. So I decided to start again to get things out of my mind.

FO:  Out of all artistic elements, a collage, Why?

CV:  I think it’s very natural for me since I was surrounded by books. The resources are easy, cheap and affordable. Especially paper, I collect paper and flyers from my travels.

FO:  We are living in an era of pros and contras. What are the things that need to be improved for artists nowadays?

CV:  I think we need to find self-inspiration. Find what you want to express and see the artworks of other people. See a lot of art shows, be aware of what’s going on around you. I mean, that’s what I do.

FO:  Have you had any artist’s block? And how did you overcome it?

CV:  How I work is very automatic. I just flip through the images and sometimes the images choose me. And it totally unblocks my hesitations.


FO:  Where is your favorite place to work?

CV:  3 years ago, I didn’t make anything for weeks. I went to Los Angeles and got invited to do a workshop. We had the workshop for 2 hours and there are many resources I couldn’t get in France and it was so beautiful and inspired me. I guess meeting new people and hearing their stories about their works and feelings.

FO: Define your works in some best terms possible!

CV: Intimate, feminist, surreal, and playing with paradox.

FO:  Does your work somehow influence your personal style (fashion wise)?

CV: Huh, I have to say, maybe because I use a lot of fashion magazines for my work. But I think how women are being objectified violently, especially in magazines. I think it goes further than just fashion to me. Women are complex.

FO:  Can you give some essentials that one artist has to possess?

CV:  Curiosity! Ability to question themselves all the time.




And it’s wrapped for my interview with Clemence! Feel free to write your comments and suggestions below to let Clemence and me know what you think.

See Clemence’s works here
Photographed & Interviewed by Florencia Owen Irena

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