Introducing the Boob Mask

Asian beauty regimes have taken the Western world by storm with their unconventional, intriguing products. Earlier this year, Europe was introduced to snail slime masks from Korea, designed to revitalize and moisturize the face.

This fall, boob sheet masks are all the rage. They’re just like traditional facial sheet masks except they’re created to fit your breasts, with a small space cut out for the nipple.


The fun, novel beauty mask is advertised as an anti-ageing product that is meant to even out the skin texture and reduce wrinkles giving the breasts a more youthful look. Besides smoothing out the skin, the masks are intended to plump the breasts allowing for a young, lifted look.

The unique masks come in all sorts of shapes and looks.

Like this lacy mask from Beautibi:


Or this gold collagen breast mask found on Amazon:


Would you be willing to test out this new beauty trend?

By Prema Chablani.


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