DHAKA trend is here to stay!

When many think of Nepal and fabrics, the first thing that pops up in minds is Dhaka: an exquisite traditional cotton fabric. Their bold use of color and rich, often geometric designs are what make them so contemporary.

From the Terhathum and Palpa districts of Nepal to countless fashion shoots, stages and ramps all over the world, the Dhaka fabric has proven to be so adaptable that it is now recognized globally. Many traditional Dhaka designs look very fresh in today’s fashions. Differently weaved on their own patterns, with some carrying the history and stories of the Nepalese. Dhaka designs also work particularly well when incorporated in interiors.

Julian Louie for Aldo shoes collection

The Dhaka printed shirt for Studio JUX by Hannah Bonjer or wedge heels from Julian Louie and ALDO’s collaboration are among the best examples of the use of Dhaka by  international brands. The latest addition to the ‘Dhaka Club’ is Prabal Gurung. He gave a digital twist to Dhaka weave in his latest collaboration with TOMS.

The use of Dhaka on the overall fashion scene is perhaps one of the most remarkable fashion trends to become visible from Nepal over the last few years. The Dhaka is very versatile and constantly developing to meet today’s fashion craze. Hence, one may go as far as accepting that the fabric’s trend will continue to exist in the global fashion market.

By Princika Baniya

Image sources: TOMS & refinery29

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