Tried and Tested: The Boob Mask

See my previous post “Introducing the Boob Mask” …

Hello, readers! I was far too intrigued by the boob masks to merely introduce them (see my previous post Introducing the Boob Mask), so I got typing and ordered some online. Join me, friends, on my very candid boob mask journey. I bought mine off Beautibi for $10. I recommend you check out their website merely for the list of ingredients – it’s immense.

Step 1: Opening the boob masks

After most of the liquid from the packet squirted on the floor and my bed, the masks were finally open! (In hindsight, I shouldn’t have done this over my bed.) Holding them in my hands, they were bigger than I expected and slimier than I would’ve wanted but I was excited. The package says they’re lace but they actually feel like regular sheet masks, maybe just a bit thicker.

Boob masks finally opened
Boob mask flowers!

So off came my jumper and on went the boob masks! The packaging said I should leave them on for 20-30 minutes. Topless, in my room in nearly arctic conditions and cold patches on my boobs, was not particularly fun but it would be worth it if I could see my boobs visibly lifted, plumped and/or softer.

*30 minutes of laying on bed, pretending not to be cold and listening to Queen Bey on repeat*

Here comes the grand finale! I took the boob masks off and other than being cold and wet from all the boob mask goo, there were no visible or physical results. My boobs were exactly the same as they’ve been since I was 14. At the end of the day, the boob masks were just a novelty item and  something I’m glad I tried (mostly for the story), but will never do again.

By Prema Chablani

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