The Instagram Accounts That Will Improve Your Parisian Life

Moving to a new city like Paris can be very daunting, knowing where to go, where to eat, where to shop, what to visit and where to stay. I recently moved to Paris and discovered the best way to find my feet was through looking at Instagram accounts describing others’ past experiences and reading their recommendations. Instagram is an incredibly efficient medium, as all you have to do is look at a photo and its location and BAM you have all the information you need. Most Instagram accounts have a blog connected to them where you can read more in depth information. I have compiled a list of blogs that I use every day and which I have found the most helpful in Paris.

Paris In Four Months

This is one of the most popular Paris blogs with 918K followers. I love this site because Carin has been through it all. Like most of us she came to Paris with no connections, no friends and no French. She shares her experiences from this time until now, including the dramas surrounding finding an apartment in Paris, which is something I am sure most of us can relate to. Her Instagram shows images of where to eat, where to visit, what to do all based on her Parisian life.

See My Paris

This is a collaboration of different Parisian bloggers and is great for finding the little hidden gems around Paris. If you are interested in the architecture of Paris this is the perfect page for you.

My Little Paris

This blog has it all: fashion, lifestyle, food and picturesque locations. I find myself using it mostly for their food recommendations but it is also great for advice on Parisian style, which many of us are seeking to adopt. They also post regularly and are all about trying new things in Paris, so its great for keeping up to date with what’s new around in town.


This is the holy grail of food bibles. Honestly this page is amazing and you won’t be able to look at it without drooling. Every time I’m confused about where to eat I turn to this blog, the recommendations have all been amazing and, even better, you get to hear and see what others have tried and enjoyed. An absolute must follow!!

Sundays in Paris

For all those brunchers out there, this should be your weekend ritual. Move your way through their brunch recommendations. I’ve already tried a few and I am yet to be disappointed.

Paris With Me

This Instagram is the perfect balance of street shots and food. Lots of great coffee recommendations and the photos around Paris are simply beautiful. She even writes about how she creates her photos, the filters she uses and the editing programs, perfect if you need some inspiration for your personal account too.


Another amazing food blog, they have a lot of shots of an entire table so you get to see many different options that the restaurants offer. They also regram people’s pictures, which is a great way to link to others, their experiences and their recommendations.

Have fun exploring all these amazing Instagram accounts, their recommendations, photos and blog posts. Good luck on recreating some of the snaps, everyone knows we all love a great Instagram pic and these blogs have endless inspirations.

By Isabelle Schoo

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