Klin d’Oeil: a Shop and Much More!

I hope you can still recall my interview with a French collage artist, Clemence Varzard (if you haven’t, click here). I met her at an event organized by a concept store called Klin d’Oeil (which means “wink” in French), located in the 11th arrondisement.














When I first entered the shop, I was impressed with how it accommodates different local artists and brands to fit inside their store. The interior is clean, but very functional and utilized; as you proceed, the space turns into a gallery and course venue for art enthusiasts on special occasions. The store itself reaches not only the young adult market, but also the parents who can buy little knick-knacks for their children. Here you can find books, home decoration, kitchenware, wallets and more to mention. I also think that they are very fair with the products and adjusting their price range according to the products they sell. A plus of Klin d’Oeil is that it also acts as a “roof” for promoting artists’ and designers’ works to their customers who may have not known them before.

As you walk a bit to the inside of the shop, you discover a place for art and DIY enthusiasts to gather and create something based on the theme and project of the day. One day they hold embroidery workshop, another day is devoted to pot painting for kids, watercolor session and many more. If you are someone who loves to try something new and eager to develop your creativity, I think you just have found your weekend idea!

Written by Florencia Owen Irena


Klin d’Oeil

Boutique & Galerie

6 Rue Deguerry

75011 Paris (Metro Parmentier)

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