The World of Asian Fashion Shows

Over the years the fashion community and the world at large has been looking up to the west – especially to Europe and the U.S. – for fashion inspirations. From time immemorial we’ve seen that most people have been aware of the fashion shows taking place for the SPRING/SUMMER and FALL/WINTER season in the four main fashion capitals of the World: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. However, for the past few years the Asian region has been showing its potential in the fashion field.

Today take a look at some of the main forerunners and their shows for Spring/Summer 2017. Here are the fashion weeks of Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo:


The shows took place from October 25th, 2016 to November 2nd, 2016. Some of the designers who were commendable are Xinshen Linen & Sun Lin Collection, NE-TIGER and Ruiping Guo.

Clockwise, starting with top left picture: Xinshen Linen & Sun Lin Collection, NE-TIGER, Ruiping Guo



The highlights of Shanghai Fashion Week – which took place from April 8th, 2016 to April 16th, 2016 – were must-know brands like Staffonly, Feng Chen Wang and Hiuman. They are definitely labels to watch!

Clockwise, starting with left picture: Hiuman, Staffonly, Feng Chen Wang



In a world where fashion mines entertainment like never before, Japan’s established and break-through labels pounced on musical hook-ups, street culture and animation to generate interest. The most interesting designers – who showed their collections between October 17th and October 23rd, 2016 – were Mikio Sakabe, Keiichiro Yuri, Yukihiro Teshima.

Clockwise, starting with left picture: Keiichiro Yuri, Mikio Sakabe, Yukihiro Teshima

Fashion created in Asia had always been more likely to be rigid. However, now we can observe that the eastern fashion industry has come up with bright and creative ideas. Many designers have become more adventurous in terms of being bold and at par with their European and American counterparts. They have really taken a step further ahead and run risks to make Asia a dynamic and emerging power in the field of fashion.

We can conclude from this observation that the Asian region is determined to keep pace with their western competitors and sometimes it already proves to be even better in their creations. We are excited to follow the Asian fashion weeks and their designers during the next seasons and watch them inspiring millions all over the world.


By Deblina Das

Images by, WGSN,, Pinterest

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