As already mentioned in a former blogpost, fast fashion companies tend to imitate key pieces of luxury brands. The surfeit of some items and looks could be considered as a reason for the customers’ current motivation to buy personalized accessories or to ‘do it themselves’.

1. Patchwork


Patches are a cheap and easy way to customize your clothing, because they can be ironed on most fabrics. You can never use enough of them to state your mood and what you’re passionate about!

Get your inspiration from the digital influencers, who are embracing this trend! Here below German blogger Luisa from Style Roulette shows us how to pimp a denim dress and Chiara Ferragni sports her generously patched denim jacket.

Here’s a little Paris tip: At the ‘Mercerie’ on Rue d’Orsel (Montmatre) you have a huge choice of patches:


2. Furry bag charms

The colorful fur pompoms are especially known for Fendi. Even though the brand has been selling them for several seasons now, the trend is still alive. The charms come as fluffy puppets, with little monster faces, with letters or color gradients. This is an easy way to upgrade your plain black bag.


Apparently Karl Lagerfeld was the model for little ‘Karlito’

Fendi’s alphabetical charms


Monki’s faux foxtail keychain

3. Ripped Denim


While reading this article you are likely to wear anything denim. If this garment is not ripped already, consider giving it a unique look. The internet provides plenty of tutorials either in written form or as videos. For instance StyleCaster shows inspirational looks and explains how to do it right.


Jeans with relatively small wholes


Blogger Fanny Lyckman shows her slashed denim jacket

4. Guitar Straps

Pradas flowery straps

You’re bored with plain-colored bags or you want to reanimate your favorite one? No problem with the adorned and eye-catching bag straps that can be removed and exchanged. You don’t have to decide for one look anymore – you can choose a colorful version with stripes for a Monday morning coffee date and use a beautifully embellished strap for a Friday night out.


The low budget version of the strap bag from Zara


The Fendi ‘strap generator‘ finds the strap that matches your style best

5. Initials & Monograms

Sportswear brands like Adidas or Nike offer monogrammed or even personally designed shoes for a considerable time. Now accessory and jewelry designers like Jennifer Fisher follow. In the online boutique anyahindmarsch.com you can add monograms to luxurious bags or even get your favorite photo printed on them.

Jennifer Fisher’s monogrammed charms and Anya Hinmarch’s ‘Be a Bag’ service


We hope that we inspired you to be game enough to slash those pants and to get your message across with loads of patches. Cherish the uniqueness! If you want to share more DIY ideas: the comment field is yours.


By Vivien Gilow

Images by WGSN; StyleRoulette; StyleCaster; Gastrochic; Zara; Prada; Fendi; TheFashionLaw; Monki; Sarahvonh; AnyaHindmarch; FannyLyckman; JenniferFisherJewelry

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