5 Visually Stylish Music Videos

Being less than 2 months away from 2017, let’s take a flashback on some of the most stylish music videos this year. New wave of talented directors created fresh ideas, telling various stories through their visual work for emerging artists from different genres of music across the globe. Some of the videos are associated with fashion through the use of colors, storyline, art direction as well as the costume (of course). Without further ado, let’s look on my personal choice of music videos that represent those criteria.

1. Solange Knowles- Don’t Touch My Hair

(Source: Youtube)

For obvious reasons, Solange will always be associated with her sister, who is considered a pop-queen by some. But Solange has her own different set of visual aesthetics which differentiate her from Beyoncé. In her latest music video, she was rocking 1920’s finger-wave hairstyle with unusual dance choreography, mixed with different costume per set of theme. Co-created by herself and her husband Alan Ferguson, this video gained many positive exposures through different media.

2. Beyoncé- Hold Up

(Source: Youtube)

I don’t want you all to take sides here between Solange and Beyoncé, but we all know Beyoncé released her visual album ‘Lemonade‘ this year and it gained positive (and massive) reaction from her fans. Visual albums are not very common, but she managed to do it well. She worked with many directors for this album, but for ‘Hold Up’ she teamed up with Jonas Åkerlund. That yellow dress, though.

3. Låpsley – Operator (DJ Koze Radio Edit)

(Source: Youtube)

Directed by the singer herself, this video is an interesting mix between Låpsley’s beautiful voice and the amazing performances by “drag queen” actors imitating her voice. The history of drag queens goes back to the 1950’s and turned big in the 1980’s. They were very interesting but slightly underrated. I was mesmerized by the costume and the set. Kudos to Låpsley!

4. Aurora – I Went too Far

(Source: Youtube)

In this Aurora Aksnes’s video, the futuristic and eerie moods are truly shown through her hairdo, her makeup, her costumes, and how she is very total in acting her heart out. I was in awe when “both” Auroras are meeting halfway through the never-ending stairs that impart a dreamy and surreal feeling to the video. The matching dresses for both worlds are also on point. Moreover, her high pitched voice supports the emotions in this video directed by Arni & Kinski.

5. Duit – Understand in Time (Featuring Govales)

(Source: NOWNESS)

A video that mixes the tale of Alice in Wonderland (see the human chess) and a gloomy medieval feel, Duit’s take on an interpretation of war caused by personal cause is shown clearly between the two opposite sides in an achromatic color scheme. Directed by Polish film-maker, Piotr Majekowski, this video evokes the emotion of the viewers.

So that’s 5 of my favorite videos in 2016, what do you think? Do you have your own favorite videos this year? Share below!

By Florencia Owen Irena

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