Must-do Upcoming Events in Paris & Shanghai

Paris and Shanghai are wonderful cities to explore, learn new things, and meet new people. Going to events and expositions gives you a chance to open your mind to a vast array of creativity from artists and designers across the globe.

Since this IS a Paris/Shanghai blog, I have created below a list of upcoming events related to fashion or the arts in both cities. Click the header to go to the link. Enjoy! And feel free to reach out and share your experience with us through our other social media outlets.



Hermès hors les murs // Nov. 18 – 26

HOLD THE EFFING DOOR! If you’re a fashion designer specialising in bags, saddles, gloves, silk scarves, ties, watches and jewellery, then you need to get your butt over to this event. Hermès is sending their in house artisans to share their experiences in creative workshops and discussions (not to mention you can recieve organic coffees and listening to a nightlife DJ) to help make all of your fashion dreams come true. Also- it’s FREE, people.

Vente au Kilo Rétro // Nov. 18-19

More of an oldie at heart? Then don’t miss this retro-vintage clothing sale from decades ranging from the 40’s-90’s. Get your groove thang on.

Vide Dressing de Styliste Photo // Nov. 19 – 20

If you’re a female and into vintage clothing, you should check out this 4th edition of Emmanuelle Sits‘ (photographerand stylist) vide dressing event. You’ll find many designer clothing brands at great prices such a SANDRO, AMERICAN APPAREL, GUCCI, CHANEL, ZARA, ALL SAINTS, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, JW ANDERSON, CONVERSE, ADIDAS and much much more.

Vide Dressing & Marché de créatures éthiques & DIY // Dec. 4

Yoop! VEPSI is returning with their 4th edition of unique clothing sales and DIY tips. There will be workshops with bloggers, conferences and, of course, shopping. The best part of it all is that it is at the infamous Moulin Rouge! If you haven’t been there before, now is the time to go.

Asian & European Fashion Show in Paris // Dec. 10

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Paris Fashion Week is over. But a select group of people have decided to create a fashion show regardless to keep the Paris fashion community stimulated. Don’t want to go alone? Bring your male friends because it’s going to be Victoria Secret(esque). Oh la la!


Street-Art sur le canal Saint-Denis // Nov. 19

If you’re into the urban art scene, you should check out this event for sure. It’s 8€ but  you’ll be able to give yourself a tour of the Saint-Denis canal that will be displaying different media of street art along with different “landscape elements” such as street furniture, buildings, bridge supports etc. It’s the last chance to go, so… vamos!

Live in Art Party // Dec. 3

Okay, guys. This is SUPER cool and unique. EFERYA, a company specialised in promoting artists in both European and Chinese markets, is doing a combined street art/tattoo artist exposition. In collaboration with ExcuseMyParty, they’re throwing a party in an apartment at the same time!! The cost is 20€ and you have to register but it includes food, drinks and performances. And this time, they’re having a tattoo artist who will be doing tattoos for those who want it. From yours truly, I’ve been to one before. Worth it.



The Christmas Designer Market // Nov. 17

Every year Shanghai creates a yearly Christmas Market event in which designers showcase their clothing, jewellery and accessories in small booths. It will take place in the Shanghai Centre starting November 17, so go check it out!

Shanghai Annual Drag Party Competition 2016 // Nov. 19

You’re probably thinking what a drag party has to do with fashion, but if you’re open-minded, (and hopefully majority of you are) you can enter for free if you prepare an amazing drag-like outfit (use your creative designer imagination!) and register beforehand. These events are a lot of fun even if you’re not technically part of the LGBT community!

Commune Market  // Nov. 19

This event is a mix of wonderfulness. It will host a range of fashion “designers, craftsmen, and culinary artists” for all your creative needs. Entrance is free so why not go check it out?


Ming Mu: ‘Geisha, Time & Space Exhibition’ // Nov. 19 – 27

Canadian artist, Ming Mu, will be doing her last exhibition in China. Ming Mu has created various cross-cultural exhibitions that blend contemporary western ideals with the eastern quality. Could give you some insight on those looking to merge your fashion business in both the east and west.

“The Accumulation of Silence” Ye Hongxing Solo Exhibition in Shanghai // Nov. 15 – 16

Do you like stickers? Do you like collages? Then this event is perfect for you because artist YE HONGXING will be presenting her artwork at the Art+Shanghai gallery until the 16th of November. So hurry! Because it looks really cool.

By Ehryl O’Rourke

Images via This is GlamorousGetty Images, Pinterest

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