4 best ‘Stranger Things’ jackets

If you are living in 2016 and have access to Netflix or any type of social media, chances of you knowing Science Fiction/Supernatural/Horror/Mystery drama Stranger Things are pretty high. With its references to the 1980s (Alien (1979) and Aliens (1986), E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (1982), The Goonies (1985), Stand by Me (1986), The Thing (1982), etc., the great plot, casting and photography, the Duffer brothers created one of the most successful series of 2016. But the truth is I want to talk about one of the best parts of this production: Those leather, sherpa-collared, corduroy and all of its 80’s warm fashion!!!

1. The 80’s mom/hot mess leather trench coat

All through the series we see Winona Ryder crying and screaming for her son, and that trench coat gives her that hot mess kind of look. We love it!


Get the look with this Mango trench coat.

2. Puffer Vests + color block = the perfect combination

Feeling cool? Get your 80’s puffer vest and get even cooler 😉


We suggest this Gap version.

3. THE new denim jacket

One of my favorite characters is Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). His mysterious personality with his River Phoenix kind of look makes me crazy… buuuut, the best part about him? His amazing sherpa filled and collar denim jacket. #truelove ❤


What do you think about this cool coat from Zara?

4. The Red Jacket

Make it denim, leather or corduroy… you need one! This is the one everybody is talking about, the Nancy (Natalia Dyer) red jacket. But Nancy isn’t the only one wearing it, Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) rocks a similar more orangey type. It proves the jacket’s unisex vibe!


Find this version of the red jacket at Asos.

By Daniela Sánchez

All original pictures provided from the original Netflix series Stranger Things.

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