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When you step behind the façade of 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais, the little red car marked ‘Merci’ welcomes you to another world in Paris. When entering Merci, the concept store, you first step into their café which leads to the library and that again leads to the huge spacious store. These days the must-visit store with the great vibe is getting ready for Christmas.

The store offers a great variety of products, starting from clothing and furniture to books to kitchenware. This great place to eat and shop at the same time is usually crowded and the staff is often busy. Yet I managed to talk to one of the sales assistants named Heena, in order to get to know a little more about the fashion department of Merci. 

Who are your target customers?
I think everyone. We are not targeting anybody particularly. We have everything to offer, starting from 1 euro to 10.000 euros.

They say the products are very pricey. What do you think?
No, they aren’t that pricey but not cheap, either. The price is very fair because Merci offers the unique range of products and quality merchandises.

Which brands can we find here?
Talking about the famous designer labels, there is Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant. Then there are lots of brands which are very well-known in France.

• Best-selling product?
I think the ‘Merci Medal’ is very popular. This is a less expensive bracelet. A lot of people buy it as a gift.

• Please describe Merci in 3 words.
Elegant, fashionable and stylish. 


The seven-year-old store Merci is a beautiful place to escape the city rush, enjoy quality shopping… or just to get some new stories and pictures for your Snapchat and Instagram. Go and give it a try!

merci medal.jpg
Merci Medal Bracelet

merci concept store


Text and photos by Princika Baniya

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