Tried and Tested: Sephora Mask Collection

Hi! I’m the boob mask person. I love masks of all kinds. So, when I found out that Sephora brought out its own line of masks, I went and bought them all. Here are my opinions.

Sephora Hand & Foot Masks:


Sephora Hand and Foot Masks
Sephora Hand and Foot Masks

I tried the aloe vera hand mask and the lavender foot mask as I get really dry hands and heels. I’m terrible at remembering to moisturize. I’ve never done masks like these before so it was a novel experience. I opened the pack and out came two plastic gloves (hands) and 2 plastic socks (feet) filled with lovely smelling goo. The gloves and socks stay on for 15 minutes, so remember to throw on some decent TV before you put them on.

*Tick Tock Tick Tock*

When you take the masks off  just rub the excess aloe vera or lavender into your skin. My hands were softer but my feet were exactly the same and the results aren’t particularly long lasting. By the next day, your hands will be back pre-mask condition. Maybe if I combined the foot mask with a pumice stone it may have been more successful.

Because these are fun novelty masks, I give them a 5/10. Though, I wouldn’t do it again.

Sephora Sleeping Mask: 

Sephora Sleeping Mask
Sephora Sleeping Mask

NO. I’m not even going to wait till you read about my experience to tell you that you should only buy this if you want a sleepless night. I bought the pearl sleeping mask because I thought the packaging was odd and cute. I opened it up to find some liquid with a gooey consistency. I smeared it across my face and got into my bed. I barely slept because I was afraid of getting goo on my pillow, so I tried to keep as straight as possible. Alas, morning came and the mask had dried. I was sticky as though loads of sugary soda had been poured over my face. The pack says that you won’t even need to wash your face off in the morning. LIES.

I love to sleep. I didn’t get to sleep so this mask gets a 0/10. Give it to your enemies. Petty revenge is fun.

Sephora Lip Mask:

Sephora Lip Mask
Sephora Lip Mask

Along with dry hands and feet, my lips get awfully dry in the winter. I’m basically a walking pharmacy and tend to have up to 6 lip balms in my bag. Not anymore – thank you, Sephora! This lip mask is actually incredible. I tried the rose mask and now do one every single week. I never even have to use lip balm anymore.

You put the lip mask on and it covers the upper lip, lower lip and a bit of the surrounding area. Keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes. You can’t talk while the mask is on, so this is really a solo activity. Rub in the excess product. Even after the first mask, your lips become so soft, smooth and non-peely.

I officially swear by this – 10/10. YAS Sephora. Thank you ♥

By Prema Chablani

3 thoughts

    1. Definitely try the foot mask if you have relatively soft feet already and your feet will just feel amazingly soft for about a day (: …but that sleeping mask made me way too nervous to sleep and more sticky than soft. Maybe the pearl one just wasn’t very good. And thanks for sharing your blog’s name, we will check it out!

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