Hermès Hors Les Murs Event Review

In our previous post, we created a list of “Must-Do Events” in Paris and Shanghai. One of them being the unique Hermès Hors Les Murs exposition at Le Carreu du Temple where their in house artisans show their experience, create discussions and do workshops with the public on their famous brand – ranging from “bags, saddles, gloves, silk scarves and jewellery.”

I, along with a few others, took the liberty to check out the event. Upon arrival, there was no entrance fee. And as students, we found this really nice!

We started by listening to an artisan specialized in leather and the craftsmenship behind the watches, saddles, and bags. When we stepped in, he was mentioning the importance of carefully crafting the leather material. Unfortunately, we could not get everything he was saying because it was all in French. But, we could watch him, along with the rest of the artisans, how intricately made each product was.


Above and below are some photos, taken by yours truly, on the various artisanal techniques used at Hermès. Other artisans such as the jewellery makers, glove artisans and pottery painters  were amongst these people. The audience was really engaged with the artisan and asked many questions.


In accordance to the artisan above, with the girl hand sewing the scarfs, you can see below and up close just how precise each stitch needs to be.


As you go on, there are some artisans who are doing workshops (see above) that covers how they create their actual print designs from scratch by using a basic template and creating unique and original designs based off it.

Each process seemed to be very time consuming, but that is what makes Hermès such a great brand. They care for every detail (big and small) that is involved with the product. Not only for their brand identity but also the trust and loyalty of the customer.

If you still haven’t had the chance to go to the event, you have until the 26th of November. Check out their website for more details on specific lectures and workshops that may interest you.

By Ehryl O’Rourke

Images by Ehryl O’Rourke

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