LaFashionWar : On Starting a Fashion Blog

Ever wonder what it’s like to start your own fashion blog? For many it’s a dream come true. But to become a famous fashion blogger takes a lot of time, patience and effort.

I got the chance to meet and befriend an upcoming fashion blogger, LaFashionWar, and got an inside scoop on her background on starting a fashion blog/becoming a fashion blogger.

Joéva Celine, 22 years old. Editor and Content Creator of LaFashionWar

Joéva Celine, the pretty woman behind the blog, is French/German and was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She moved to Paris (the city of lights and major hub for fashion) this year in order to follow her dreams. LaFashionWar is a fashion and lifestyle blog that was created in 2014. Joéva started the blog because fashion has always been a passion of hers. She loves dressing up, creating outfits and taking photos of her creations. “But it’s not only about this,” she says “My blog is also a means to express myself, improve my writing skills, help me grow as a person, as well as gain confidence.”

3The main platform she uses to write is Tumblr. She talks about what other fashion enthusiasts may be interested in: new trends, personalised outfits, fashion events and lifestyle topics such as travelling, sports and food, to name a few.

But those wanting to start their own fashion blog always wonder if there is a specific strategy that helps to gain more followers. In Joéva’s case, the best strategy to get more traffic on her blog is to collaborate with brands and other bloggers. “I mostly met my blogger friends during events like the German press days or fashion weeks. Press days are organised by agencies to show the press the new brands and collections that are being displayed or that they are hosting.” She also goes on to explain that giveaways is also a great way in gaining more traffic to your blog.

1When it comes to starting a fashion blog and taking those perfect Instagram photos, Joéva mentions that exchanging your modelling for a photographer’s portfolio could give you an advantage when you’re starting off. After some time, you may eventually have your own professional photographer. In the meantime, meeting other bloggers that would be willing to take pictures of you also is a good alternative. “When I started meeting other fashion bloggers, we would start meeting up every week and take photos of each other at fancy cafés and shopping areas. As everybody loves lifestyle photos, those were included too. Eventually we all became very close and created strong friendships.”

I asked whether there was something she learned through her ongoing experience creating a fashion blog. She said that, “… people think that it’s only about invitations to events, getting free stuff or gaining money… but people need to have a passion for fashion 2blogging. For me, I’ve found personal expression. And it comforts me that I’m leaving a trace of myself in this world. But also, it’s important to know how dangerous it is to post about yourself on social media. Knowing where you are or have been at all times. Also, people will perceive you based on what you post and your materialistic things, which is why it is always good to socialise with your followers and people in general so they know who you truly are.”

In the future, Joéva hopes to include YouTube blogging into the mix and be able to travel and share it with the rest of the world. She also hopes that her self confidence will get better in these upcoming years. Building a strong fashion network in places like Paris, Berlin, London, New York and Milan is also in the works!

If you want to follow Joéva’s adventures you can follow her blog, LaFashionWar, where you can find a link to her other social networks. Her main one, Instagram, is here : @lafashionwar !

Go have a look! And for those of you wishing to start your own fashion blog, never be afraid to reach out to those who have experience. Fashion is all about sharing ideas, the passions we love.

Bon courage tout le monde!

By Ehryl O’Rourke

Images via LaFashionWar

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