Highlights from the Victoria’s Secret 2016 Show

On Wednesday last week, Victoria’s Secret and their angels took over this beautiful city we all call home, to showcase what is known as the world’s best fashion show at the Grand Palais. After many days of sitting around itching in anticipation, the show is finally up for us all to see. I loved every minute of it (as per usual) but I have included several of my favourite moments for your enjoyment.


This theme was designed as a way for colours and patterns to take you on an exotic journey. For me the best part of the section was Elsa Hosk opening the show wrapped in a giant Chinese dragon. What a way to start the show! Devon Windsor also had on the most amazing outfit: a red embroidered body suit with what  resembled a giant sombrero hat on the back. I thought it was incredibly fun and she looked stunning.


Gaga’s first performance was of her latest single Million Reasons and wow is all I can say! She emerged in a beautiful figure hugging ball gown, looking absolutely beautiful leaving behind her traditional out there gaga garments. Then she opened her mouth and the wow continued, her voice is truly incredible. Next came the angels, Josephine Skriver started this section, sporting some beautiful floral wings along with a simple yet beautiful rich green bralette set. Stella Maxwell also looked incredibly cute in her mini lederhosen – note the word mini. The theme was about being a force of nature with beautiful prints and embroidery. However, I am sure that they will be subject to some serious cultural appropriation criticism here.


This was by far the liveliest section, I am not a big fan of the PINK collection but I thought the show they put on was great. Bruno Mars was incredible live, I think out of all the acts he engaged best with the models, he really got them moving and out of their heads. I loved Dilone Altagracia at the end, sporting a head to toe pink ensemble with fake dogs attached. She was the perfect person to close out this section, with her bubbly demeanour.


Ok, obviously there are more amazing things that happened in this section but first can we just note the most awkward moment of the show? Producers had Bella Hadid and ex-boyfriend, The Weekend, in the same section and wow you could have cut the tension with a knife. It was like one of those uncomfortable moments where you don’t want to look but you simply can’t look away. There was an awkward hand brush and smile before Bella scooted on by, the look on her face was priceless. Aside from Bella and her love life drama, she looked beautiful for her first appearance in the show.


Gaga is back with another amazing performance but this time in true Gaga style with costume changes, eccentric dancers, her own set of wings and some down right weird moments. The real stand out was the largest wings to ever grace the runway worn by Joan Smalls. Her name may say small but she must be mighty to keep herself upright with the weight of what I can only imagine those wings weigh.




Obviously the highlight here is the fantasy bra worn by Jasmine Tookes, the colouring was so perfect on her, she looked so confident and proud. She truly rocked it! Josephine Skriver also once again stealing the show, in her sparkly silver underwear set paired with tassel silver arm adornments. She looked like a real angel from heaven coming down the runway in this, I know this bra set is now on my must have list for Christmas!


You can buy straight from the runway at Victoria Secret

See you next year angles! CAN’T WAIT!

Isabelle x


All images sourced from Vogue UK, you can see more images on there too. 

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