2016 Holiday Fashion Films That Will Get You In the Holiday Spirit

We’ve been getting pretty festive up in here at Paris-Shanghai-Fashion Blog, so why stop now?

Below are some 2016 Holiday Campaigns from international fashion brands that will definitely put you in the holiday spirit. I’ve chosen a wide range of films that will make you go “Ohhh!” to “Aweee!” Let us know which ones were your favorite in the comments below!

Happy Viewing and a Merry Happy Holidays, everyone!


Okay, so this isn’t technically your usual “fashion film.” Bergdorf Goodman creates this film showcasing their latest holiday window displays that – OMG – you can actually see in real life! If you’re in New York City (which I’m not, otherwise I would) you should check it out because it looks really cool according to this video.


This film is so precious and completely melts my heart. Marks & Spencer gives us a different and more modern take on the night of Christmas Eve by introducing Mrs. Claus as the heroine of the night. There is such obvious feminism power in this video too. It’s so cute and empowering.


Hahaha. Written by The Grand Budapest Hotel’s, Hugo Guinness, this 2016 Holiday Campaign by Mulberry is done in two parts. It shows a ‘dysfunctional’ British family and their traditional Christmas celebrations, but in the cutest way possible because the “adults” are actually acted by children! Maybe as a means to not forget your inner child during the holiday season and to remember where you grew up. 4

OKAYYY- This short film is just amazing. When I first saw this, I thought it was a trailer for an upcoming movie – and how sad I was when I found out it wasn’t. Might as well have been though. This holiday campaign is in remembrance of Thomas Burberry and his life. Love it. So well done.


Are you naughty or nice? Agent Provocateur is telling you that it’s good to be nice, but it’s not always bad to be little naughty as well. Oh, how they portray this quite well.

By Ehryl O’Rourke

Sources: Youtube

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