The Gender Shift in Fashion

Boys play with cars and wear blue, girls play with dolls and wear pink. Those stereotypes are no longer universally valid, as our society gradually makes more of an effort to overcome strict female/male labels and connotations.

Traditional gender boundaries are breaking and gender fluidity invades our daily life. Neutral baby names such as Charlie or Hayden are on the rise, unisex perfumes, neutral cosmetic packagings, and ‘all-gender-restrooms’ become more popular.

The acceptance of identity concepts between men and women is especially distinct in fashion. Below you can find five examples of genderless and gender-blurring developments in fashion.

  1. Combined-gender shows

The Gucci Autumn 2016 runway was shared by male and female models. They can barely be distinguished due to the floral prints in both collections and similar hairstyles, amongst others.

Site Note: Recently Calvin Klein announced to present the Fall 2017 menswear and womenswear collection in one show in New York.


2. Feminine men’s collections

J.W. Anderson loves to play with connotations linked to genders. With giving his Fall 2013 menswear collection a feminine twist, the designer experiments with the standard men’s closet.


3. Unisex Collections

‘EQL: Same Same, Not Different’ Garrn x Closed 2016

In cooperation with Closed, German models and siblings Toni and Niklas Garrn designed a twelve-piece unisex collection inspired by equality.


Zara’s Ungendered 2016 Collection

Fast fashion retailer Zara launched its gender-neutral collection as part of the TRF label in the beginning of 2016.


  1. Transgender Models

Andreja Pejic, formerly known as Andrej, walks both men’s and women’s shows. The androgynous model was booked by big names such as Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and Marc Jacobs. Moreover, the transgender was featured in international magazines such as Vogue.


  1. Feminist Collections

The gender shift in fashion is not only about blurring genders, but also contains the empowerment of women. Acne Studios‘ FW 2015 collection included scarves with feminist messages such as “women power“ and “gender equlity“.


Maria Grazia Chiuri gave her debut performance at Dior spelling out a strong message, “We should all be feminists” was printed on one of the models’ shirts.


By Vivien Gilow

Images via Business of Fashion, WGSN, Vogue, Closed, Rad Hourani, FanPop, People

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