The Consistent Rise of Mexican Fashion

Until a few years ago, the people of the world knew that there were only 4 fashion capitals in the world – New York, London, Milan, and Paris. Slowly, designers in various countries in Asia and Africa have made their mark in the fashion world by promoting their indigenous techniques of creating high, premium or even luxury fashion, thus facilitating new creative talents across these continents.

Another country which is rising high up in the realm of fashion is Mexico. Let’s take a look at the factors which make Mexico a strong contender in the fashion world.

1. Mexican Street style

The first inevitable fashion phenomenon in Mexico is its street style. Mexican street style is greatly influenced by the United States. Not only do they wear the clothes, but it reveals their personalities through them which is evident on the streets. Props like a skateboard or a headset are an essential part of their daily looks which further accentuates people’s personalities. Also, there is a whole lot of original Mexican/boho influence in the local designs.

Ricardo Seco X New Balance
Ricardo Seco X New Balance
Example of Streetstyle in Mexico
Example of Streetstyle in Mexico

2. Mexican Fashion Brands

Apart from street style, there are many standalone fashion brands in Mexico that create designs which are not only international but also add a touch of traditional Mexican flair. There is Santa Lupita, a brand that promotes local artisans who produce the designs for the brand. Another noteworthy brand is Yakampot, located in one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City. This upcoming brand has an international appeal and luxury aesthetic.

Santa Lupita
Santa Lupita


3. Mexican Designers

Independent fashion designers from Mexico are also making their mark on the international circuit. There are many creative talents from the country, so it’s hard to pick just a few. There is Alejandra Quesada who through her creations creates a world of color, playfulness, and femininity. In addition, there are designers like Kris Goyri, and Alexia Ulibarri to name a few.

Alejandra Quesada
Alejandra Quesada


To conclude, it’s apt to say that Mexico City is the number one fashion market in Latin America, and it’s no surprise that Mexican fashion brands are on the rise. These brands and designers are on the agenda for promoting their local talents as well as traditional Mexican heritage with the world at large, making their mark on the fashion world too. Maybe it’s time to head to Mexico for some beautiful designs with relaxed silhouettes.

By Deblina Das

Photo images via Pinterest, Google.


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  1. Good Job. Looking for more Articles on this type of new fashion industry which is growing around world this will give us more ideas to work with. Keep it up!!! 👍👍👍


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