“New Year, New You,” New Juice Cleanse!

As we put down our wine glasses and pick up reading glasses to re join the working world in the new year, we all think of our new year’s resolutions whilst thinking back to copious amounts of “treats” consumed over the holiday period. To help you wash away your multitudes of sins and start the New Year fresh, I am offering you some amazing juice cleanse options that will set you well on your way to your ‘new year new you’ mantra.

Wild and the Moon

This café in Paris should not only be used for your juice cleanse but also should become your go to for healthy delicious eating. Their juices are amazing, they are all made with fresh produce and you can buy them fresh every day. They offer singular cold pressed juices and infused water as well as your day long juice cleanses. They are also on Deliveroo, which makes them even more exciting; I mean who doesn’t love a healthy juice cleanse delivery right to your door. I did the one day juice cleanse and felt like a new person, I would highly recommend this, it gave me increased energy and I no longer felt sluggish.


I did this cleanse just before a big hand in at school and it was called cure energy detoxification. I think the name says it all, I was feeling incredibly tired and drained, struggling to have the energy to keep my brain and body going at the speed it needed to. After doing this one day cleanse, I felt like a new person. My spirits were lifted and I no longer felt incredibly lethargic. It has high levels of vitamin C, helping to boost my immune system and fight off any nasty sickness that was lingering, alongside proteins such as raw cacao and spirulina which work together to cleanse your system whilst providing it, with the required boost.

Nubio Jus

This was by far my favourite; all the juices were delicious and easy to drink. Some people think you would spend the entire time feeling hungry but the juice cleanse is designed to avoid this. There are so many beautiful, filling, natural ingredients like nuts that don’t make you crave a giant baguette that day. The juices are also incredibly diverse. You don’t need to spend your entire time drinking a scary bright green drink but rather an array of coloured drinks tailored to different meals of the day. For example, at lunch time you might have a vegetable juice that acts on the same principle as soup. This is a great and delicious way to shock your system into its new healthy way of being.

I hope my experience with these juice cleanses is helpful for you. Don’t worry, I didn’t do these all in the 3 days since New Years. I love trying new things and have tested out a few of these over the past few months.

Note: I’m not a doctor. These worked and help me but everyone is different. Do your research before you start!

Happy juicing!



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