4 Accessories You Need To Bundle Up Warm This Winter

When temperatures plummet we naturally expect to see a change of clothing on the streets. However, exposed skin between pants and sneakers, thin see-through tights, and light leather jackets are everywhere this winter – especially on young fashionistas who just can’t neglect the trends. But dressing skimpy and then pretending not to freeze is silly, especially since there are super stylish and above all WARM ways to master the winter days!

  1. Fake Fur Scarves

With a furry scarf, you can easily dress up a simple black coat or basic cashmere sweater. They come in various shades like this cute colour blocking model from Zara shows. Get one now and bring some colour to those grey days!


2. Leather Gloves

Every woman (and man!) needs a good pair of leather gloves. They keep your hands toasty and last ages. You can get those burgundy ones at ASOS. Does taking them off every time you want to scroll through your Instagram feed gets on your nerves? You can always find a cute pair that has touchscreen-friendly fabric on the fingertips.


3. Blanket Scarves

The oversized blanket scarf makes you feel like you are still snuggled up in bed… well, almost. They can be worn as a usual scarf or as a stylish cape. Zara offers a great variety of scarves such as the model on the far right. Check out some Youtube tutorials to learn how to tie blanket scarves in unique ways.


4. Over-The-Knee Boots

Shoes are not necessarily ‘accessories’, but as thigh-high boots are the shoes of the moment, we cannot omit them. They might not be as warm as fur booties, but due to their length they protect our legs from the cold. The model above can be bought at Tamaris. If you absolutely can’t ditch your ankle boots, over-the-knee socks are a fun, snuggly alternative.



If you’re still not feeling sufficiently equipped for the freezing cold and snow, here are some additional (heart-)warming tips:



By Vivien Gilow

Images via GoFeminine, Nina Suess, Janni Delér, Fashiioncarpet, Les Babioles De Zoe, Zara, Tamaris, Asos, Debiflue, Ohhcouture, Liebesbotschaft, Geheimshop, Moderosa, Justthedesign.

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