5 Ways To Have A Healthier Lifestyle In 2017

Every year we make goals to get that ‘healthy lifestyle’. We try to change a lifetime of bad habits on the first of January and let’s face it, this new behaviour normally has an expiration date in February. Here are a few tips that you can actually and easily do that will really help you work towards that healthy life you’ve always wanted.

1) Three in one!

Fight future wrinkles, UV rays and black spots with Biotherm’s Crème Solaire Anti-âge SPF 50. There is no excuse to not take care of your skin.


2) “Less Makeup More Skin”

“Less Makeup More Skin” is the Glossier motto. Their Perfect Skin Tint is the perfect tinted moisturiser to really help you get that healthy glossy skin by covering imperfections with the thinnest layer of light and liquid makeup.


3) Coconut Oil!!

Use this natural extract on your dry hair!! You will see silky results immediately as it works like the perfect- free of chemicals -conditioner.


4) Hate exercising?

Try making your daily routine more active by doing simple things like parking further away from your destination or taking the real stairs instead of escalators and lifts. Set small goals you can actually do, and slowly but surely you will get to that 42k marathon.


5) Loose weight and eat your cake!

When it comes to getting rid of those extra pounds, we tend to restrict ourselves from everything except vegetables. Take care of yourself by having many small meals and a balanced diet. If that is still hard for you, start with a simple step and avoid drinking artificially flavoured, sweetened juices or sodas. Get healthier by drinking vitamins and antioxidants in real juice and eliminate that extra sugar in your diet.



By Daniela Sánchez

All original pictures provided from She Finds, 123RF, Youtube,  Glossier and  Biotherm.


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