The Women’s March and The Divide of the Fashion Community


This weekend, in Washington D.C, was a historic event in which millions of women in America (and throughout the world) showed up to march in protest against U.S POTUS, Donald Trump, for their rights as a woman.

Many celebrities and fashion creatives such as Rachel Comey, who is part of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), supported and encouraged other celebrities and designers to join the march as well. Rachel believes that “Women’s rights are human rights” and that supporting this march would be in solidarity with the fashion community which is largely composed of women.


According to InStyle, other fashion labels such as Burton, Aurora James, Raquel Allegra, Rachel Antonoff, Mara Hoffman, Elizabeth and James, and Marimekko have all contributed in various ways to help support the Women’s March on Washinton, D.C. Some of the labels provided accommodation, donations and even sales vouchers (clever marketing scheme?) to help promote their company while showing support for the event.

One example of the controversy is the discussion on whether or not designers want to dress the new President’s wife, Melania, and have her representing their label. It’s a conundrum for many brands and it shows a clear division that is starting to occur within the industry.


Although the march is now finished, it will be interesting to see how the future plays out for the women of America and to see how the fashion community will work together in a time of division and uncertainty.

By Ehryl O’Rourke

Images via Well And Good, NYMag, IBT

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