Sale Season Tips

As you might have noticed, the winter sales are here! We all know it’s the right time to shop for a new wardrobe. We always hesitate and wonder if the choice or price are right. With so many option it is normal to feel lost and confused. If that is your case, keep reading to find 4 tips that will help you to save money and thoughts.

  1. If you love it get it 

Sometimes we are not sure of our buying options but remember, sale season is limited! It has a start and an end and you might not  find the same piece again. But also if you are sure of buying, remember that you might see the same piece a few days later and even cheaper so it’s all about compromising. Check these tips from one of our past editors that are going to help you even more with your purchase decision.

     2. Have a budget, yes you can! 

With those advantageous price tags it’s really hard to resist. However, it is a proven truth that we always buy more than we need. Keep in mind what you really need, and commit to that. The sale season lasts more than two months, so you still have some time to think and avoid temptations. Keep your receipts for future changes and for doing the math.

      3. Do it early and during weekdays 

Lunch time or evenings (not to mention weekends) are the worst moments to shop, as stores are crowded and messy. If you go at the time they open doors, you are going to find the articles pulled together and the staff fresh and more helpful. You also avoid long lines and have more space to see it all. To know where to shop in Paris we did an article that can help you with the best venues.

     4. Ask for tips 

The staff always knows better so ask them about more discounts. As you know, there are two months of sales and they always know when the prices are going down or if buying online will cost less. These little tricks can help you save more money!

For more information about how to save out of sale season check this article by US News.

By Paula R. Sierra





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