Les incroyables blogueurs de mode de Paris!

Blogging has always been a field of creativity and curiosity for me. Many people say that nowadays it has become very common, as every day there are hundreds of bloggers popping up from all over the world, which results in the activity’s losing its charm. But to me a blogger can provoke all sorts of inspiration for others. Since I’ve had the chance of living in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, I have obviously kept an eye on some of the incredible fashion bloggers who are based here. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Parisinfourmonths (Carin Olsson) – She can be considered as the “Chiara Ferragni” of French fashion blogging  world.  From attending the top brand presentations like CHANEL to being on the front row for DIOR , she does it all. With a true French aesthetic she leads the blogging scene for sure.

Carin Olsson at the AMFAR Gala.

2. Mylittlefashiondiary (Emilie Higle) – She’s the one who is a bit more casual and playful compared to others. Her fun and flirty style is definitely a standout point amongst French bloggers, as sometimes we can see her in bold avatars too.


3.TheCaroo (Caroline) – A true and affordable French blogger you can take inspiration from. Her closet is an absolute visual treat for the eyes which is evident from her Instagram account. She takes a lot of mirror images of herself showing the outfit details and has a funny writing style.


4. ElodieinParis (Elodie) – She’s young, vivacious and full of energy. The whole of her blog is like a happy merry-go-round. She is also a travel freak and you’ll be able to see her exotic journeys in her blog too.


5. 5.Theveggieblond –  She is the sassiest of them all and as the name suggests she is a fitness and health freak too. If you’re looking for a healthy lifestyle, then be prepared to get inspired by her.


The Veggie Blond

If you need some extra inspiration for your wardrobe or even about your whole lifestyle you can definitely count on bloggers or influential people like them and incorporate them into your own life with your own unique twist.

For information about more Parisian bloggers check this previous post too !

By  Deblina Das 

Photo Credits – Google, Instagram.




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