Anna Karina: The French Actress We All Adore!

The French actress and model Anna Karina has undeniable charms and quirks that made her regarded as one of the most important actresses in French cinema. Often identified as Jean Luc Godard’s muse (the pair were married for 4 years from 1961-1965), Anna Karina played in many of Godard’s movies. Her style has always been portrayed as the 1960s Parisian Chic, playful femininity with cheerful attitude.

The Danish-born lady changed her name as suggested by Coco Chanel, since Chanel thought that nobody in the film industry would find her real name, Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer, attractive. The name “Anna Karina” has brought her to play in some of the most important movies in French cinema’s history. She created two albums, directed one movie, wrote novels and acqired international recognition for her movie roles. Here are some of her most memorable movies thanks to which she was considered a fashion icon:

  1. Vivre Sa Vie



Rocking bob hair with short fringe, Anna played the character Nana, a young woman who wants to become an actress but ends up as a prostitute. Nana is killed when the two men exchanging her are fighting. It’s quite a tragic story about Nana who had big dreams but had to deal with the reality of a big city. In this movie, Anna sported furry coats, bandanas, and some ruffles in the clothes, completed with winged eyeliner as her trademark in the movie.

     2. Une Femme Est Une Femme


Released in 1961, Une Femme Est Une Femme was also Anna Karina’s most stylish movie. Anna played Angéla, a woman who is torn between two men in her life. She showed how complicated a woman can be, yet she was still very ladylike and looking adorably stylish. With her big eyes and her trademark eyeliner, Anna brought color-blocking back in trend.

     3. Made In USA


Based on the novel The Jugger by Richard Stark, Made In USA was also directed by Jean Luc Godard in 1966. The story is about Paula (played by Anna) who tries to take on revenge and search for her lover’s murderer in French town of Atlantic City. In this movie we can see Anna wearing colourful knitted dresses and some pointy ballet flats with kitten heels. Her medium length hair and her signature fringe fit the looks perfectly!

     4. Alphaville


One of my favorite, where the movie setting took place in a ‘dystopian future’ city called Alphaville, where a computer system created to control the mass movement and thoughts. Anna Karina starrs as Natacha Von Braun, a programmer of the system but destroys everything in the end. Her classic looks in this movie (along with her trademark fringe and medium-length haircut) were quite preppy. In the movie she is seen in a black dress with Peter Pan collar, a coat with fur trimmings and a black suit.

     5. Pierrot Le Fou


Pierrot Le Fou is a heartwarming romantic action movie in which both Anna Karina and Jean-Paul Belmondo run away from their lives in Paris to live on the French Riviera, without knowing there are lots of troubles on the road. This movie has beautiful setting of the sea, sun, and landscapes. Anna Karina appeared in casual and playful style with some nautical elements in her outfits. Totally adore the sailor hat!

So those are some of the most remarkable styles Anna Karina played with in her movies. I find her really versatile embodying any type of personality and character, from the melancholy roles to the cheerful ones. The other movies of her worth watching are Le Petit Soldat, Band of Outsiders, Le Voleur de Tibidabo,  The Camp Followers and many many more here.

Do you have your favorite actress from the 1960s? Share below!

Photos via Pinterest, Janus Films, An0ther Magazine

Written by Florencia Owen Irena

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