Diwali Paris – A colourful reason to celebrate


If you are looking for something different to add to your accessory collection, Diwali Paris is the right place for you to go. The Paris based fashion accessories boutique is well known for its great offer of  colourful and unique pieces.  With its 7 doors in Paris there is no excuse, you must try to walk through that turquoise exterior into its vibrant display .

Founded in 2003, the boutique offers a wide range of scarves for both men and women. A great place for affordable accessories and jewellery that completely delivers “the Indian vibe”. You can find different products from headbands, gloves, ponchos to oriental slippers. Don’t be surprised if you have a crush on every item and wish to own them all. The friendly staff is always ready to guide you and give some advice when needed. Buy it as gift or for yourself and leave with a beautiful package box.scarves.jpg

Diwali Paris is a perfect destination to splurge without thinking twice. all of its products are wonderful,  you will not regret the purchase. Stop by and have a look any day of the week and if you’re not in Paris head to their online store and don’t miss a thing!accessories and jewelleries.jpg

Photos Credit: Diwali Paris

By Princika Baniya

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