Tips & Tricks: Networking a Fashion Event

We’ve got a crazy few months of fashion events ahead of us with international fashion weeks and trade shows popping up around the world. After a busy three days of working at a textile stall at Première Vision in Paris, I’ve come back to tell you my tips and tricks for networking a major fashion event.

  1. Work at the Event: Working at a trade show, showroom or a runway is far more beneficial than attending an event as a guest. This was the second time I have worked with a Spanish textile manufacturer over Première Vision and they would give me a personal introduction to every brand, agent and designer that walked into our stall. I’m aiming for a career in fashion in London and this made it really easy to know who to talk to rather than wandering a large hall full of exhibitors and feeling a little lost.
The stall I worked in
The stall I worked in
Entering Premiere Vision
Entering Premiere Vision














2. Be Ready to Talk: This might sound obvious but you have to chat to anyone who will listen. You never know where your next internship or job will come from. I’ve found that the fashion industry is about reading people, so you don’t necessarily have to come off strong bragging about your accomplishments – be ready to listen to other people as well. In my experience, asking people questions helps them to remember you better. Stay updated on your fashion news and upcoming brands as they’ll help you jump into conversations.

Latest Trends at Premiere Vision
Latest Trends at Premiere Vision

3. Stay in Touch: After you’ve been given a business card, don’t wait too long to email them. They’ll meet so many at an event, and sending an email later that evening just to say “it was nice to meet you”, will help so much. On the first day of Première Vision, I had several brands very casually offer me a summer internship which was all very exciting. However, I was talking to designers and wanted internships in PR and events. The more I email them, the more likely they are to go home and talk to their departments and that casual internship becomes something real. Don’t wait too long to get in touch!

By Prema Chablani

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