Get To Know Us- Part One

Something a little different this week, get to know our amazing team of creative voices and some of their tips and stories about Paris. Half of the stories coming to you this Sunday, but stay tuned for the other half this time next week. We have inserted some links to previous stories we have written too, just for you. Happy reading!


I am a fashion photographer who fell in love with the 1980s and its memorabilia. Fond of absurdity and anything done with passion, I constantly aim to create something. A true INFP at heart, I am not good at small talk (Trying though.), but I enjoy listening to people’s stories and exchanging ideas. Currently I am having a love-hate relationship with the city of lights, Paris. Nevertheless, this city has a lot to offer if you are willing to explore. For my days off, getting lost in the ‘marches’ and venturing to places off the beaten path is my definitions of fun. Visiting the places that mostly local people go can be very challenging but brings you knowledge and opens your eyes to the real Paris.



Hello loves, I’m Deblina from India. I have been passionate about Fashion since childhood, doing fashion sketches at school instead of my work. I have followed my passion throughout my life and now have finally arrived in Paris to pursue my dream of studying fashion and it has been my best decision to date. In Paris I finally feel like myself, I have a sense of freedom, which I lacked, in my own country. I am no longer afraid of trying new things and meeting new people, which means I am really able to soak up the French culture and way of life. As I complete my fifth month in Paris, I would like to offer a quick tip to those of you also thinking of making the move. Try your best to converse with the locals in French, you gain much more respect and appreciation but also get to learn along the journey. I look forward to the many new adventures and experiences Paris still has to offer me. Even when I am not here, Paris will be a part of my heart, despite its flaws.



Hi, I’m Prema. I guess this is where people talk about where they’re from and what they’re passionate about but that’s a bit complicated with me. I’m not really from anywhere, I was born and raised in Japan by Indian and Spanish parents but have never lived in India or Spain and always felt like an outsider in Japan. I guess I’m a citizen of the world. Living in Paris has been an experience, especially after never having lived in a huge city. I’d say my favourite part about being in Paris is living so close to Disneyland – the happiest place on earth! Check out my post on Halloween costumes, I clearly love fancy dress. My tip for living in Paris is to eat your way through the city. Honestly there’s a restaurant or café on every corner and you’ll never have to go far for a good croissant.



I am Princika from the land of Himalayas, Nepal and no I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest yet. I’ve always been interested in the media and fashion world since my childhood and when you find a course that matches your interests then it’s like bingo! I can never say no to food, fashion and film. I am an optimist and little things make me happy. Paris was on my bucket list as it is a dreamland for anyone pursuing a career in fashion. I am here making my dreams come true day by day. I love strolling around and exploring new places, which Paris is perfect for. Every Parisian neighborhood has a few parks and each one holds hidden treasures. Just walk few steps away from your home; I am sure you will be in love with your new discovery.


Hope you enjoyed getting to know us 🙂 🙂

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