Fashion Weeks’ Street Styles!

The fashion month is over and after seeing all of those amazing gowns on the runway we cannot wait for next winter, just for fashion not for the temperatures. The fourth capitals of fashion were dressed by the most known designers and worn by the fashion queens, bloggers, editors and celebrities.

Here you have the best styles right from the beautiful and packed streets of New York, London, Milan, and Paris. The most known lenses were even under the rain and the snow to capture all the fashion happening outside the shows. On the sidewalk is where the real fashion happens.


The Big Apple was full of colourful furs, to deal with the low temperature and to contrast the gray sky. All kinds of boots were seen dealing with slippery floors and snow.


The city was full of coats, all sizes, all colour and even the traditional trench coat was trending. Earthy colors and some old school patterns were seen in the streets of the British capital.


Italy is more than just pizza or pasta, and Milan was the living proof of the undeniable style of the city. The streets were covered with colours, bold patterns, prints and luxury.


Even though the rain was unstoppable it was not an excuse to leave fashion aside. Under the umbrellas, the street style lenses could snapshot the fashionistas. Coats (and freshly cooked crepes) were the best accessories to keep warm.

To see more of the fashion weeks street style we recommended you sites with the best lenses in fashion.

  1. The Sartorialist: Scott Schuman began The Sartorialist with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life. It has the best captions and the quality of the images is amazing.
  2. Le 21eme: “This is not a Street Style blog” is the slogan of Adam, the man behind this cool site.
  3. And of course, Magazines that have a special space for street styles:

By Paula R Sierra

Images Via Vogue & Elle

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