Experience as a Model Dresser at Pascal Millet – Paris Fashion Week A/W 2017

I have grown up watching fashion shows and other fashion events which were broadcasted on FTV, and slowly it made me even more keen on being a part of the fashion industry when I grew up. Having had the opportunity to pursue fashion studies in one of the fashion capitals of the world – Paris, I got to see and experience the inside story of what the fashion world is really about and how it works. Watching different fashion shows, I was intrigued: how do they do it? How do these people make everything look so glamorous and picture perfect? Little did I know how much rigorous and hard work goes in to put together a fashion show, season after season, year after year.

Hair and Makeup at Pascal Millet

This year my fashion school, IFA Paris made my dreams come true by giving me an opportunity to work as a model dresser at Paris Fashion Week A/W 2017 for the French fashion designer Pascal Millet. The fashion show took place at the Grand Palais in Paris, the iconic location for prestigious fashion brands like CHANEL.

On the day of the show, I put my best foot forward and reached the venue on time along with my other friends from school. We were given the utmost warm welcome by Pascal Millet himself and the brand’s stylist Sascha Lilic (who was beyond funny and humorous). We had a coordinator who appointed us with one look each for the models based on our experience. Then we waited for the models to arrive. We laughed and rejoiced and the vibe of the team was super fun.

As soon as the showtime was approaching the stress started to creep in and we all got busy. We had to double check the looks on the models as with confirming their dress, shoes, jackets and jewellery. Suddenly there was a rush of the media people and the photographers interviewing the models and the designer himself.

Pascal Millet talking about his collection

The show finally started and we were taken behind the runway. There was a live piano being played and the models strutted through the runway which ended with a loud round of applause for the amazing show. The after party was as great as the show where we were all offered champagne and we spoke to many people from the industry who shared many aspects of fashion.

Thus, overall it was an amazing experience as a first timer to be able to witness the real backstage, real show and the team’s hard work to make the show successful. It would not be enough for me to thank IFA for this opportunity and I look forward to more such amazing experiences in the future.



Text: Deblina Das

Photos courtesy: Pascal Millet and Deblina

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