4 Beauty Box Subscriptions To Try Now

In today’s busy world, we are constantly on the go. The working man and woman just don’t have the time to go explore the stores, test out products and find new favorites. Not to fear, beauty boxes are here! Every month you’ll receive a box at your doorstep with a hand picked collection of sample pieces for you to love. So whether you’re a busy bee or a beauty addict, there’s a box for everyone.

1) Birchbox 

Birchbox is a popular international beauty box. For the excitingly low price of 13 euros a month, you can get up to five beauty samples ranging from night creams to hair products along with one full sized product. Just fill in an online questionnaire with your beauty needs and you’re all good to go!




2) My Little Box

My little box is a little more expensive than Birchbox, reigning it in at 16.99 euros a month. But, they do deliver more than just beauty products to your door. Think of My Little Box as a lifestyle package, giving you three beauty products and two general ones along the lines of mugs, coffee stencils and accessories.


3) Glossy Box

Glossy Box boasts a selection of 5 high-end, niche beauty products every month for 15.50 euros. You can expect everything from skin care, hair care, nail care and makeup wrapped up in a gorgeous elegant box. The only problem here is getting addicted to high-end products that might just break the bank!


4) Sprezzabox

Hello, men! We have not forgotten about you. If you’re looking to upgrade your look the Sprezzabox will send you 5-6 stylish pieces for your collection every month for $28 – and you get your beauty care products in the box too. All you male fashionistas, try it out and let us know what you think! 242f93a78b1203d912f7620c000e9e25


By Prema Chablani

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